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Now playing: O-Zone - De Ce Plang Chitarele

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Last 10 songs

16:49Manu Chao - Carreteiro
16:53Tony Tam - Hard Life (w lyrics)
16:55Modern Talking - Brother Louie
16:59Junip - Oba, Lá Vem Ela
17:04Врата Овертона - Цветет герань
17:09Agnes Obel - The Curse
17:13Röyksopp - Skulls
17:17Сети - Смайл
17:20Luna 2018 ft. Odyssey - Luna 2018 Nightmare mode)
17:261Touhou - Night of Knights

The largest number of simultaneous listeners was 7 at , and the song was "Röyksopp - 49 Percent".

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