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Now playing: Burzum - Belus’ Doed

Current/peak listeners: 1 / 4

Notice: information updates every 45 seconds. But you can update it forcibly.

Last 10 songs

BotsDie Karawane
Dschinghis KhanMoskau
Carbon Based LifeformsInit
Carbon Based LifeformsEpicentre (First Movement)
Depeche ModeA Question Of Time
Beborn BetonNew Born King
Carbon Based LifeformsInterloper
Arany ZoltánDeixame subir
U 96Das Boot II
SandraSuch A Shame

The largest number of simultaneous listeners was 5 at , and the song was "Виктор Аргонов Project - Часть 5. Там, за чертой (финальная песня)".

About the radio

This project grew from MPD I used to stream music over LAN for myself. Then I let it out and placed a player on my Neocities website. Then I added Icecast to see if there are listeners. I wasn't happy on how MPD was nearly overloading CPU, and later on, when I moved radio off to a laptop, I found a great tool for streams called Liquidsoap.

Radio is also available through HTTP port 8000, but browsers may try to redirect to HTTPS. Any other applications should work fine.

Radio is listed in Xiph directory.


You think that I deserve getting some reward for doing all this? Contact me (preferably via e-mail), and we'll decide what way would be better.

I have Paypal, QIWI, Bitcoin, and a money transfer link for my bank account.

Privacy statements

I collect access logs that include access date and time, IP-address, User-Agent, referer URL that tells me where have you came from, request that you sent to me. In addition there are GeoIP information added based on your IP-address that includes country, region, and city for my convenience.

This website makes use of JavaScript for a dynamic update of a radio status and last 10 songs list.